Free international calls using the best VoIP programs to phone

We know many VOIP softwares like Skype that lets you make free Internet-to-Internet calls, but they charge for calling landlines. If there is a new company that lets you make free international  calls , would you interested?

These are the best VoIP programs to phone free of charge or for cheap rates via the Internet:Best Free Voip phone Service

1.Mobivox - Free international calls

Signup to From any mobile you get : •Free and unlimited Skype™ calls •Free calls between MOBIVOX users •Cheap international calls the easy way, •Works with ANY phone •Online status of contacts

2. VoipBuster: free international calls from pc

free international calls from PC with the VoipBuster. offers free* calls to any regular land-line in various popular destinations . To counter misuse of our network we have limited these free* calls for our trial users. If you want to enjoy longer free* calls to these destinations

3.Jajah: voice calling

In the internet telephony war Jajah was the first program to allow to make web calls, calls using a normal phone (without PC). It’s enough to digit the caller number (you) and the recipient number into Jajah home page and wait for your phone ringing. Just hang on and wait for the answer on the other side. Advantages: No needs of software and free calls to some countries Disadvantages: You need a phone, no PC calls allowed

4.Gizmo Project : Free calls phone

Gizmo Project is trying to open his own space into the VoIP market and offers free VoIP calls to lanoline and mobile phones. Free calls are allowed among Gismo registered members only. Advantages: absolutely free calls between registered users Disadvantages: the calls quality seems to be not so good.

5. NetAppel : 300 minutes per week of free Calling

netappel offre 300 minutes per week of free calls toto fixed lines to popular destinations.