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Short Messaging service or mobile phone text messages have come over a long way and today these have become an important source of communication. These short text messages serve the same purpose of sending and receiving necessary information and are relatively cheaper as compared to the normal call charges. Today, text messages are not only used for information but have also become a source of chatting, sending jokes and other fun activities. It is also very easy to send text messages and all you need is to have a mobile phone with the compatibility to send text messages. Various mobile service providers offer text messages for different occasions such as birthday messages, friendship messages, love messages, naughty messages, jokes and much more. You can also download text messages from the internet at a much less cost and circulate it within your friend circle. Many online websites provides mobile services such as ring tones, wallpapers, screen savers, picture messages and text messages. You have to visit the website and you will different available text messages and picture messages. All you have to do is to select the message of your choice and click on the download tab that shall ask you to enter your mobile phone number. As soon as the message is downloaded you shall receive a text message that download is completed on your mobile phone. You need to open the text message and save it in your drafts folder. Thus you will get the message in your mobile phone. The charges for the text message shall be deducted from your mobile phone account balance. Another way is that you can select the message code assigned to each text message and then send it as a text message to the mobile phone service provider which shall in return send you the desired message as a text message so that you can save it. Later you can send it to all your close friends and relatives who shall feel surprised after getting such warm and nice messages.


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